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Annual Report 2008

The city bus of the future is already here
Volvo 7700 Hybrid is available from 2009. The hybrid technology brings fuel savings of up to 30%.

Volvo Buses took a major step towards a cleaner urban environment when the company during the year introduced two bus models equipped with the Volvo Group's new hybrid technology. Within a few years, hybrid buses are expected to dominate the city bus market.

Demands on the transportation industry for substantially improved fuel economy is growing ever stronger - for a number of reasons. One of the most important is the need to reduce the CO2 emissions that affect the climate. Another is the price of fuel, which is expected to be considerably higher in the future. Thanks to catalyctic converters with SCR-technology, Volvo Buses has succeeded in significantly reducing emission levels while at the same time lowering fuel consumption by 5-10%. But this is only the beginning.

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