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Annual Report 2007

In the heavy weight league

Volvo Trucks is the second largest heavy-duty truck brand in the world.

In Beijing, preparations are in full swing for the next Olympic Games. The effort has been called the country’s largest construction project since the Great Wall of China. Work is going on around the clock in order to be completed by the start of the Games in August 2008. Volvo Trucks is helping to ensure that construction moves forward at record speed.

Ma Gui Chun is head of a company with 40 employees and has been working on the Olympic project since September 2005. The company owns and leases trucks to companies that deliver cement to construction projects in and around Beijing. When it comes to the Olympic project, Ma Gui Chun has no complaints. Everything has so far gone entirely according to plan. ”We’re very satisfied with our Volvo trucks. They are expensive compared with the Chinese competitors, but for us they have been a profitable investment. And their quality far exceeds that of our domestic trucks. Recently, we have had access to 24-hour service. This has ensured that we have not fallen behind, since our trucks have been continuously available.”

Volvo Construction Equipment
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