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Annual Report 2007

The Volvo Group is the first heavy duty vehicle manufacturer to develop seven different demonstration trucks that can all be driven without any emissions of climate-impacting carbon dioxide. The trucks, which were showcased at a large, much-noted event in Stockholm, Brussels and Washington D.C., have diesel engines that were modified to operate on seven different renewable fuels, in both liquid and gaseous form.

We are a part of the climate problem, but we have shown that carbon-dioxide-neutral transport is a possibility and that we as a vehicle manufacturer want to be a part of the solution," says Volvo CEO Leif Johansson.

The seven Volvo FM trucks have been equipped with Volvo’s own 9-liter engines, which have been specially modified by the Group’s engineers to show the possibilities of carbon-dioxide-neutral transport.

According to the much-noted Stern report, about 14% of the total worldwide carbon-dioxide emissions come from transport – road transport account for a total of 10%. No data is available as to how much of these emissions in turn come from cargo transport. An estimate based on European conditions and statistics, in which cars account for 60% of the carbon-dioxide emissions and cargo transport for the remaining 40%, indicates that cargo transport accounts for about 4-5% of total carbon-dioxide emissions worldwide.

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