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Annual Report 2007

Striving for improved customer productivity
Renault Trucks offers trucks suited for all types of applications - from city distribution to long-haulage and, as in this case, special vehicles for emergency services.

The efficient transport solutions of Renault Trucks is advantageous for both customers and the environment.

During 2007, Renault Trucks was able to start harvesting the fruits of a renewed product line. Both the Euro 4 and Euro 5 models, with class-leading product quality, were warmly received by customers following their launch in 2006.

Customers have been more than satisfied with the trucks, which offer significantly lower fuel consumption and increased performance. This is especially true for Magnum and Premium model owners. The new generation of vehicles and engines has lived up to the 5% lower fuel consumption that was promised at launch.

Renault Trucks is now giving the operators who use their trucks an opportunity for even greater savings through Optifuel solutions - an upgradeable line of complementary products and services. These consist of Optifuel technology that includes the new Optidriver+ automatic gearbox, Optifuel Infomax – a measuring and analysis tool for vehicle data that enables exact monitoring of a vehicles usage and diesel consumption, and Optifuel Training – a training program for driving more economically.

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