Increased coordination creates resources for the Group’s truck brands to develop customized solutions.

Efficient product development

In terms of the number of employees, product development is Volvo 3P’s largest area. Nearly 2,300 employees work in close collaboration with the three truck brands and Volvo Powertrain. Volvo 3P concentrates on chassis, cabs and electrical systems, while Volvo Powertrain works on the driveline, meaning the engine, gearbox and the rear axle.

The work is based on common architecture and shared technology between the truck companies. This offers many advantages. Resources such as expertise, time and capital can be combined to produce a joint solution to a difficult technical problem, instead of distributing resources for three different alternatives. This strengthens the motivation to invest resources in developing optimum solutions for each truck model based on the customer’s requirements.

“A truck contains a large number of components that are common in all trucks and this applies to the driveline as well as the work we do. This produces improved quality and lower costs, which is advantageous to our customers. Development resources are also released to develop truck models that are even more optimized for different types of transports, by adapting solutions to each brand core segment. It is vital to remember that Volvo 3P is there to strengthen each brand, not to dilute it,” says Torbjörn Holmström.

This is why there are distinct definitions for the souls of the different brands, in terms of appearance, cabs, interior fittings, engines and driving performance. A truck from Volvo must naturally feel like a Volvo just as there are distinct vehicles from Renault Trucks and Mack Trucks.

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